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Mapping the way

Honda makes a wide variety of power equipment for home and business use – generators, lawn mowers, snow blowers, pumps, tillers and more. How to efficiently build showroom traffic among the company’s 400-plus dealers? Solution: Get the word to potential customers across Canada by distributing a series of how-to columns to 800 weekly newspapers whose small-town and rural readers are prime power equipment users. Oh, and I wrote the columns too.

Canada Trust, a retail bank with 350 branches, wanted to get new customers and help the environment too. It created the Friends of the Environment Foundation, and let new customers donate a percentage of any interest they earned to the Foundation. Canada Trust matched customer donations and through its branches gave the money to community environmental groups. Unprepared for the avalanche of new accounts and donations streaming in, Canada Trust turned to me to write a comprehensive plan to gain local and national media coverage of the program.

Making words work

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel’s premier research institution, raises more than $35 million annually through friends’ associations around the world. Keeping donors aware of research developments and gift opportunities is critical to maintaining a flow of funds to its scientists. The Institute regularly calls on me to write, and occasionally produce, donor prospectuses in fields as diverse as cancer research, laser optics and materials science.

Medic4All develops and markets advanced telemedicine solutions, including local and global telemedicine services and telemedicine technologies, platforms and products. As with many other Israeli companies that see international markets as a principal business arena, Medic4All selected me to write a series of brochures, websites and presentations for multiple audiences.

Wise eyes

Israel is home to a great many young, technology-based companies, almost all of which are eager to raise funds in capital markets abroad. The Nasdaq Stock Market wanted to ensure that these companies chose it for listing, but it didn’t know the lay of the local land. Working with an established Israeli communications company, I helped educate Nasdaq management by closely following the business press and providing regular analyses of capital market news.

For companies that market food, product quality is a principal source of strength. A multinational food company, its Israeli interests suddenly enveloped in controversy and its global markets threatened, needed reliable reporting of Israeli media coverage as the local company struggled to recover. I was called on to analyze and report daily on that coverage, and to periodically supply translations of especially important articles and broadcasts.

Putting it all together

Ben-Gurion University sought to produce a compendium of studies conducted over three years at its Blaustein Institute of Desert Research. They needed someone to interview scientists, pull together the texts and get them edited, commission photos and illustrations, and work with a graphic designer and printer. In short, to produce a comprehensive guide that would serve the research community and aid in securing additional research funds. The result: a handsome, accessible 128-page volume.

Enerco Enterprises, Israel’s only manufacturer of large-scale electrical power transformers and mobile substations, wanted to gain a stronger presence in North America. I wrote – and helped plan and produce – a major brochure that reflects the company’s capabilities.


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Paul Ogden. Based in Israel, serving clients locally and abroad.

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